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How to Prepare for a Scheduled C-Section

So your OB/GYN wants to schedule you for a C-section? There’s no call for concern. A scheduled C-section doesn’t make the birth process any less exciting or unpredictable. Prepare in advance so you minimize unwanted surprises on the big day.

Jun 4th, 2019
5 Common Causes of Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is never a symptom to ignore. It can signal highly treatable issues or be the symptoms of a condition that needs management to prevent serious gynecological complications.

Feb 8th, 2019
How Menopause Can Affect Your Everyday Life

The hormonal changes that occur with menopause set off a cascade of symptoms that can make daily life more difficult for women. Understand how moodiness, foggy brain, and constant temperature changes are a natural result of this life change.

Nov 16th, 2018
Pap Smears

Marc Jean-Gilles, DO, FACOG discusses Pap Smears. Watch to learn more!

Jul 30th, 2018
9 Tips for De-stressing During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an exhilarating time filled with joy and expectation, but for many women, it’s also a time of increased stress. Learn how you can de-stress, relax, and find a healthier balance during your pregnancy.

Jun 21st, 2018
3 Facts You Should Know About HPV

HPV is common and often asymptomatic, but some strains can cause serious, potentially life-threatening complications. Get the must-know information about the human papillomavirus.

Oct 18th, 2018