Preparing Yourself For Birth After Months of Pregnancy

Preparing Yourself For Birth After Months of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of excitement and questions, but it’s nothing compared to the thrill of delivery. Preparing yourself for the arrival of your bundle of joy can fill you with joy, but also with apprehension and self-doubt.

Every birth process is unique, so you never know quite what to expect. But we at Abundant Life Healthcare want to help the process go as smoothly and complication-free as possible. Take some steps to prepare yourself for a stress-free birth.

Take a childbirth class.

Learn as much about the birth process as possible, so you know what to expect. You’ll learn about the stages of labor, options for pain management, breathing techniques, and medical equipment that may be used during labor and delivery. Many classes run for several weeks, so do your research on potential classes in your second trimester. We’re also happy to recommend classes for you.

Talk to veteran moms.

Moms who’ve been through the birthing process can give you all the dirty details that we may forget to cover. This includes information about temporary urinary incontinence and a diminished sex drive that follow delivery. Of course, your experience won’t be the same as your friend’s, but it can help to hear others’ experiences and know you aren’t alone.

Prepare your home.

Preparing your home means stocking up on essentials (you don’t want to run out of toilet paper when you’re stressed out about caring for a newborn). You may also want to make some meals and pop them in the freezer so that you have access to healthy food even when you don’t feel like cooking.

Preparing your home also means getting siblings, and pets, ready for the new arrival. You may want to arrange childcare for older brothers and sisters for when baby arrives. A dog walker/sitter is also an asset.

Line up some postpartum help.

If you have family or friends nearby and they’ve offered to help, take them up on it. Help doesn’t have to mean babysitting – it can mean helping with light household chores, such as vacuuming and cooking. Having another set of hands is incredibly helpful as you adjust to having a new baby in the house.

Pack your bag.

You don’t want to worry about packing a bag when labor starts. Pack a bag ahead of time so you can grab and go. You’ll want essentials, such as a toothbrush and a change of clothes, as well as a few items to make you feel comfortable in the hospital. Maybe that’s a pair of slippers, soft socks, or a fluffy robe.

Have a plan for when labor begins.

At Abundant Life Healthcare, we encourage you to have a birth plan. This is different than the personal plan you establish with your significant other or other family and friends when labor begins. You’ll want to have an idea of who to call, who will accompany you to the hospital, and how you’ll get to the hospital when labor starts.

Our team at Abundant Life Healthcare wants to help you have the most pleasant birthing process possible. As the date of delivery approaches, don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. Our office is here to help you have a happy birth process.


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